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  • Korey Ensing

2 Weeks Until the Midwest Fire Rescue Expo

Axes & Irons will be attending the Midwest Fire Rescue Expo hosted at the Devos Place on Wednesday, May 22, 2024. This event is in 2 weeks from the posting of this article.

As this show is practically in our backyard, Axes & Irons is pulling out all the stops for their exhibit. Axes will be showcasing a few trucks and projects from the past year, with notable displays of the Metamora Fouts FOUR, a custom-wrapped stock FB-94, and Axes & Irons very own FireAnt.

The Metamora Fouts FOUR is a show stopper. Metamora Fire Department, located on Michigan's east side, took an alternate approach to the typical Fouts FOUR look. The obvious update is the visuals. The top half of the truck is painted black with a black reflective stripe breaking up the classic red paint on the bottom half.

The FB-94 will be kept a secret for now, a surprise for those who attend. We are partnering with Big Ink to make a one-of-a-kind wrap for the truck. This truck is available to purchase as well so if you like it enough let us know! Finally the FireAnt is the first fire rescue vehicle to come out of the Vehicle Alliance Group. The FireAnt packs a punch on its Mahindra Roxor base. Outfitted with Sound-Off Signal Lighting, a small tank & pump, and seating for 2, this fire rescue vehicle is built for those hard to reach calls. Definitely be on the lookout for this vehicle at the show!

We look forward to seeing everyone soon. 2 Weeks! Can't wait to show off the great things that have been happening at Axes & Irons and where we are headed!

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